In support of Israel – the video named ‘7.10.23 – We Will Thrive Again!’ (It is based on my song TODAY).

All my life I was just a musician, and, accordingly, first of all I was interested exclusively in music. However, when turning events occur in the world, and you, whether you like it or not, find yourself in their funnel, then, starting and ending every day with listening to the latest news, your profession gives way to what kind of civil position you take to what is happening. It just so happened – German Chancellor Olaf Scholz lit a Hanukkah candle to the music of my song TODAY. In the wonderful Ovsey Driz’s poem (my song is based on it) he talks about what to “BE” is, about the fullness of being. And suddenly I realized that NOW our common feeling of this to “BE” is to choose the right side, to stand on the side of Light and Good.

Music and vocal: Margarita Zelenaia

Poetry: Ovsey Driz

Declamation: Margarita Vishnyakova

Performers: Duet “Margo-Rita”

Violin: Nathaniel Faerman

Piano: Gragina Benalia