Meditation for a solo cello: August 22, 2015

Meditation for a solo cello by Margarita Zelenaia will be premiered on August 22, 2015, at 2:30 PM, at the International Cello Festival Zutphen, the Netherlands. It is part of the Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame program: A Minute of Silence (but not soundlessness), played by Mirel Iancovici:

The program also features:

Sparse by Rodriga Baggio

Je Suis Charlie by Laszlo Kékszakállú

Deafening Silence by David Morneau

Tuulen viemää by Teodor Nicolau

Silence Interrupted by Akmal Parwez

Away! by Ksenia Prasolova

Je suis un musicien by Leo Samama

Au nom du silence by Louis Sauter

Listen, Hear the Sea by Bob Siebert

Pause isn’t a silence by Slawa Ulanowski

Silenzioso by Jean-Pierre Vial

Where are you? by William Vollinger

Hvezda by Robert Weirauch

God Calls, We Answer by Christopher M.Wicks