Pantomimes, Russian Premiere

After the world premiere of my ‘Pantomimes’ (suite for a piano solo in three movements) at Carnegie Hall, its following performances in China, Israel and Canada, its Russian premiere is coming December 6, 2016.

Centre of Contemporary Music in Moscow

6 Dec 2016, Tuesday

Myaskovski hall of the Moscow conservatoire, 19:00

13, B.Nikitskaya ul., 125009, Moscow,
The Old New York Nostalgia

Marilyn Bliss (US)Beneath the Azure Sky for soprano, flute, violin, and cello
Alla Pavlova (RU-US)The Old New York Nostalgia (Suite) for Piano
Margarita Zelenaia (RU-US)Pantomimes for piano
Inessa Segal (UKR-US)Conversation for flute and cello
Elizaveta Sanicheva (RU)Excerpt of chamber opera work “Amerika”
Studio for New Music ensemble
Olga Vlasova, soprano
Marina Rubinstein, flute
Ecatherina Fomitskaya, violin
Olga Galochkina, cello
Mona Khaba, piano
Supported by NYWC Russian-American Composers