“The Lion that Could not Roar” will be performed August 1st

Margarita Zelenaia’s music fairy tale

“The Lion that Could not Roar”
(based on Bob Sherman’s story)

will be performed August 1st, at 8pm,at Summit Music Festival by its faculty members:

Julian Milkis, clarinet
Adam Kent, piano
Elena Peres, violin
Eugene Briskin, cello
with Mr. Sherman, great radio personality from WQXR, as a narrator.

Adults: $25
Seniors and students: $20

Manhattanville College
2900 Purchase Street,
Purchase, New York 10577

For further info:
Phone 914-747-2020
Fax 914-630-0463

This is the story (for children 7 y.o. and up) of a forest near the one where Peter had caught his famous wolf. When word arrives in the forest that Peter is on the prowl to catch another wolf, the friendly animals hatch various plots to foil him, with help arriving from the most unlikely source.

“The music of “The Lion that Could not Roar” is beautiful and rich. I enjoyed the subtlety of the narration and the interaction of the two. I also enjoyed how the music seems to convey much of the story and how sort of ‘minimal’ the narration is, allowing for space for the imagination and for possible visual story-telling (such as puppet or toy theater).”

Luis Tentindo
Artistic Director
The Mud Angels Project
The Brahms Piano Quartet op.25 in G minor is also a part of the program.