World premiere of “At the Time’s Line” in Moscow

Margarita Zelenaia’s world premiere of “At the Time’s Line”, commissioned by Yuri Polubelov, will take place on May 31 2014, 7pm at the Rachmaninoff’s Hall of the Moscow Conservatory in Moscow, Russia.

The program also features:

Sergei Pilutikov “Zig-zags” (2000)
Dmitri Kapirin. “Kontsershtuk” (world premiere)
Alexander Schetinskii. Sonata (2000)
Leonid Gofman “Five small plays and a canon” (2000)
Sergei Akhunov “For adults only” (world premiere)

Margarita Zelenaia. “At the Time’s Line” (world premiere)

The program is created exclusively for two performers. Pilutikov, Schetinsky and Gofman wrote their works for the duo of Polubelov-Pekarsky. The premiering works are written for the duo of Polubelov-Schelkin with a blessing of Mark Pekarsky, entrusting his best student, Dmitry Schelkin to continue his legacy.