The LION, that COULD NOT ROAR, MUSIC FAIRY TALE FOR CHILDREN (Based on story by Robert Sherman) for narrator, piano trio and clarinet

It was a joyous and fruitful collaboration with Robert Sherman, great radio personality in the field of classical music from WQXR, who commissioned it. Premiered by Robert Sherman as a narrator, Damocles Piano Trio and Pavel Vinnitsky, clarinet.

JIRTDAN, MUSIC FAIRY TALE FOR CHILDREN (in Russian) (Libretto by Tatiana Goncharova, based on Azerbaijani folk tale), for mezzo-soprano and piano

One of the most popular and beloved fairy-tale character in Azerbaijan is Jirtdan, which means "tiny" in Azerbaijani. Gaining a lion's courage when meeting with monsters and giants, the boy turns out to be the smartest among the rest of the kids. Commissioned by Esphire Lapina, mezzo-soprano. Premiered at the Moscow State Philharmonic Society.

RONNY and BIRK, MUSICAL DRAMA in TWO ACTS, BASED on ASTRID LINDGREN (in Russian) (Libretto By Semen Lungin, poetry by Alexander Gorodnitsky) for drama actors and piano

It is a deeply metaphorical story, on the one hand, funny and sad on the other. Unlike an almost Shakespearean plot, this is not a tragedy, but a bright and kind fairy tale. It tells about love and friendship; it is full unexpected adventures and has funny characters. The children of the two warring gangs, Ronny and Birk, unlike Montague and Capulets, do not die, but, on the contrary, constantly save each other.


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