Foxtrot is a light, jazzy and humorous piece where familiar music idioms developed in surprising ways. Subtitled "Orchestra Rehearsal", the quasi-theatrical work pokes fun at the sometimes rather adversarial relationship between conductors and musicians.

I BELIEVE, PRAYER for violin solo and string orchestra

The three prayers I used as a foundation for "I Believe" - is a norm of today's world, a dream of its unification, and overall harmony. They are unbelievably powerful, passionate and energetic in their message. This work is my individual perception of this world, sculpted by the rays of three different suns.

LAMENTATION, MONOLOGUE for violin solo and string orchestra

While writing the "Lamentation" I was having in mind the austere and beautiful "Dido's Lament" and reflecting that it seems, that, despite the difference in the time frames, and musical methods of expression, the tragedy, the pain, the loss are felt the same.


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